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This is Arty People

You could pick a random picture with the sole purpose of fill the empty space on your wall. Like one of those close-up photos of a cute animal or a green leaf with a dewdrop. Or a classic double-decker bus highlighted in bright red in a black & white photograph of a London street. Something pre-framed from a multinational interior design shop that millions of people already have. But No. You want to choose something unique. Something limited to only 300 exclusive prints. Our pieces are made by some really Arty People. You find them on blogs everywhere. They have done work in design magazines, won prizes, exhibited their art to thousands of people. They’re always out searching for fresh inspiration and escapades. To be frank, they are sort of insane and we absolutely love it. They inspire us. And we hope that we can inspire you and other arty people around the world. So this is Arty People. Welcome aboard.

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Warranty, Right of Regret and Returns AP try to keep accurate data on and correct any errors as soon as they are revealed. Please note that the color and appearance of products may differ slightly from how they look on your computer screen. AP want you to get a nice, clean product delivered to your home. If something have happened in the handling of the product, please contact us as soon as possible so we can sort things out. If the item is damaged - please contact us BEFORE you return the goods. Complaints of damaged goods must be made within 24 hours from the time you received the goods. You find all contact details on Note that AP may require that you return the item. We primarily replace the product with a new. The customer has 14 days right of regret. Note that the if any damage like torns, stains or fingerprints evidently is caused by the customer, the customer is responsible for shipping and all expenses this has caused AP. We will not repay the item, so be careful with it. If the order is canceled before delivered, the cost for shipping and handling is not being repayed.

Loss & Delivery If an item disappeares, AP is only responsible for the cost of your order. AP will do our utmost for you to recieve your item. The item reaches you within 3-7 business days with reservation for delays.

Gift Certificates / Credits / Discounts Offers should be used within stated expiration date on the offer. Credits and discounts can not be exchanged for cash or any other means. In case of regrets, see ”Regrets” above. Injured items are primarily replaced by a new item.

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